we offer an all round 12 months capital funding program under 3 products;

 “An investment in education is an investment in our future.” David Wasinger

Capital Savings

This is a 12 month (January - December) savings program where members can save at least N5000 monthly for 12 months for a reward of 20% interest on Capital saved. You can also save N10,000, N20,000 or N50,000 if you can afford it.

Capital Investments

Members can make a minimum one time deposit of N50,000 or make random minimum N5000 deposits over a 10 month period (January - October) for a 20% return on investment. SUBA would invest this capital on behalf of her members taking the risk on their behalf while guaranting their capital and give 20% on Capital invested as profits from assets and investments to our investment partners. We currently invest in Agriculture, Real Estate, Transportation, Small Business Ventures, FOREX market, etc.

Capital Loans

Our members are entitled to 10 months of their total Capital Savings as Capital Loans at just 10% interest. Assuming you are saving N5000 monthly, and you need capital for a personal or business project before the end of the savings program that year, SUBA can lend the member N50,000 now as Capital Loan then the member can repay the loan through their monthly Capital Savings. Meaning all members needs to do is continues saving the regular N5000 monthly to repay the loan. This loan is given at just 10% without collateral protected by 2 guarantors from the members' team or post dated cheques covering the loan from non-members.


With SUBA Capital programs, you would get;

  • Capital Funds to invest and execute personal projects.
  • Excellent Project Execution with our strategists as guides.
  • Ability to Expand your business with ease.

Value-added services

Apart from capital funds, SUBA Inc. also offer other services in;

  • Angel Investments
  • Business and Strategy Development Consultancy
  • Provision of tools and capital to grow your business and income.